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This Pulp Fiction-Brett Kavanaugh mashup is a perfect end to a horrible week

This Pulp Fiction-Brett Kavanaugh mashup is a perfect end to a horrible week


“YES YOU DID! Yes you did, Brett.”

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A Band Apart/Jersey Group

I don’t know about you, but for me, this week was bad. It was really bad! Truly, there’s nothing quite like working on the internet, covering internet news, all while the internet insists on reminding you, every single minute of your day, just how enthusiastic the people running your country are about putting sexual abusers in power. Boy, is it bad!

Ironically, this miserable fact is also how the best memes are born. The highest-quality memers online today — much like offline traditional comedians — do two things exceptionally well:

  1. They possess a deep well of pop cultural awareness, and
  2. They either know how to completely distract you from the absurd Hellmouth that public life has become, or they know exactly how to make the Hellmouth’s contents more bearable using said pop cultural knowledge.

And that’s what the person behind Elara Pictures’ Instagram account did when they mashed up Supreme Court nominee and alleged attempted rapist Brett Kavanaugh’s braying confirmation hearing testimony with the iconic Big Kahuna Burger scene from Pulp Fiction, in which Samuel L. Jackson’s character Jules Winnfield masterfully demolishes a man named Brett. Please watch, for your health:

The video has quickly multiplied since its uploading this morning. From Elara — which, fun fact, is also the studio behind that 2017 Robert Pattinson/Safdie brothers movie Good Time — it spread to Twitter user @heyitschili, who uploaded the clip without comment (or attribution, at first). @Heyitschili’s post has now been retweeted 64,000 times and faved 141,000 times in the six hours since it was posted. Snoop Dogg got in on the repost action, too; his Instagram video has been viewed 1.2 million times as of this posting.

I might have gotten a little bit choked up watching this! Its virality is a testament to how perfect a pairing it is — and how badly we all needed to watch Samuel L. Jackson humiliate the powerful white men behind this circus. Let it buoy you through the weekend, friends. You deserve it.