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Fortnite’s next big mode is a high-stakes heist

Fortnite’s next big mode is a high-stakes heist


Epic Games is getting creative

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Between the end of the Summer Skirmish e-sports series and another elaborate convention booth, the world’s hottest game had a big presence at Penny Arcade Expo this year, and that presence included some big news. During a PAX stream, developer Epic Games revealed the next limited-time mode for Fortnite, and it seems unlike anything the game has had before.

The Getaway, which drops tomorrow, is a squad-based mode where players must find one of four safes on the island. Each safe carries a huge jewel that you must steal and take to a van, which you’ll use to escape. Early footage of the mode was shown off during Fortnite’s PAX segment, where you can see a team open up a safe as they ward off enemy rivals.

This appears to be a part of a larger “High Stakes” event, which will introduce a new skin with four customizable faceplates. Early gameplay of the whole kit shows that the glider comes packed with money bags, and a skydiving trail that showers the sky with cash.

These cosmetic flourishes are unlocked via new High Stakes challenges, which include tasks such as damaging enemies who are carrying jewels or picking up jewels a certain number of times.

Tomorrow’s update will also see the introduction of the Grappler, a wild new weapon that functions a lot like a hook shot — except, since this is Fortnite, you grab onto surfaces using a plunger.

Likely, the update containing all of this new content will also further Fortnite’s ongoing moving cube saga, if not give us more clues about the start of season 6.