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Netflix’s House of Cards will return on November 2nd for its final season

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The teaser confirms that Frank Underwood was killed offscreen

Netflix has released a new teaser for the sixth season of House of Cards, forecasting the death of Frank Underwood and revealing that the final, eight-episode season will debut on November 2nd.

This new teaser confirms what many have suspected: Frank Underwood was killed offscreen, putting the spotlight on Claire. After years of rumors, Kevin Spacey, who played Underwood, faced a public fall from stardom in the wake of the #MeToo accusations when actor Anthony Rapp claimed Spacey made unwanted sexual advances on him when he was 14. Following Rapp’s allegations, 14 additional accusers came forward. Spacey was quickly fired from House of Cards, and filming was shut down so producers could assess their options going forward. Netflix ultimately opted to give the show a final season with Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood in the lead, who already became president following Frank’s resignation last season.

The teaser highlights Claire’s ambitions within the office. Standing over her husband’s grave, she tells him that she won’t be buried in a remote cemetery. “When they pay their respects, they’ll have to wait in line.” We’ll find out what she’ll do as president on November 2nd.