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Microsoft brings Alexa support to Xbox One for Kinect-like voice controls

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Available to testers today

Xbox One S
Xbox One S
Photo by Tyler Pina / The Verge

Microsoft is starting to test Alexa support on the Xbox One today with its Xbox Insiders. The software giant is releasing an Xbox Skill for Alexa that will allow Echo, Sonos, and various other Alexa-enabled devices to control an Xbox One. With the new skill you’ll be able to power on an Xbox One with your voice, launch games, adjust volume, capture screenshots, start broadcasts, and more. Commands will work like “Alexa, start Destiny 2.”

While Microsoft has long supported Kinect on Xbox One to do many of these exact things, as the company is no longer manufacturing Kinect this Alexa integration is clearly the next logical move. There were rumors that Microsoft may include Google Assistant integration on the Xbox One, and it appears that’s now likely. Microsoft says it will “continue to evolve this experience and grow our voice integration across devices, digital assistants, and voice services,” suggesting that we’ll see other voice assistants appear on the Xbox One in the future.

Microsoft Xbox veteran Albert Penello joined Amazon earlier this year to “help figure out how to grow Alexa / Echo presence in gaming,” and this integration is a big boost to Alexa’s presence across services and devices. Microsoft has also been working with Amazon to integrate Alexa and Cortana, and a preview of this feature is available on both Alexa and Cortana.