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Fortnite’s new grappler weapon gives players game-changing mobility

Fortnite’s new grappler weapon gives players game-changing mobility


Murder island is about to have a big shake-up

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Little by little, Epic Games is poking holes in the “just build” mantra held by most Fortnite players. As part of today’s update, for instance, the edge of the storm circle will damage buildings, something that is bound to intensify late-game skirmishes that rely on player-created cover. More broadly, the recent introduction of a grappling hook-like weapon promises to upend everything you know about mobility in Fortnite.

The grappler is a plunger that you can shoot at nearly any surface. When it makes contact, it will propel you toward your target. The grappler comes in stacks of 15, though if you shoot it and miss, it won’t deplete your ammo. Messing around with it a bit this morning, I noticed that it will usually catapult you a little higher than wherever you aim. Coupled with the constant risk of fall damage, learning how to use the grappler is tricky at first.

Judging from the clips that are circulating hours after its release, though, the small learning curve seems worth it. Players are zipping around the map at high speeds like they’re Spider-Man. The grappler is a blast to use and just as fun to watch.

Fortnite’s signature mechanic is building cover, so many players like to hide behind increasingly elaborate walls and buildings. The grappler makes it hard to feel safe, though: if an enemy has it, they can easily launch themselves behind whatever you’ve built and at top-speeds, too. Footage circulating right now tends to show off quick kills landing on unsuspecting enemies who don’t know how to deal with the incredible mobility that the grappler affords. Behold:

Of course, people are finding creative ways to use the grappler that don’t involve murder, too.