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You can now pause your YouTube TV membership for up to six months

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YouTube now lets you pause your YouTube TV membership instead of outright canceling it, as spotted by Android Police. The new policy, outlined in YouTube TV’s support documents, lets a subscription be on hiatus with access to YouTube TV through the end of the payment period.

A YouTube TV membership can be paused from four weeks to six months, and if you want to reinstate membership, the date you start things up again becomes your new monthly billing date. Pausing memberships isn’t a common option with subscription services, but could be handy in the event that you’d like to take a break without losing recordings that you’ve saved.

If you’d like to pause your YouTube TV membership, visit on a web browser, go to your settings, click “deactivate membership,” and then “pause membership,” under “YouTube TV membership.”

YouTube TV expanded its programming earlier this year, adding networks like TBS, TNT, CNN, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, truTV, and Turner Classic Movies. With that news came a price hike to $40 a month, putting it on par with Hulu’s live television service and Sony’s PlayStation Vue.