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    Vergecast: Apple event preview, social media hearings, and monopoly week

    Vergecast: Apple event preview, social media hearings, and monopoly week


    The nine most plausible rumors with the four most plausible podcasters

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    This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Paul, Russell, and Dieter dedicate half the show to The Verge’s monopoly week, which dives into the future of tech monopolies. They also discuss the social media hearings that happened on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

    In the second half of the show, the crew updates us on what to expect for next week’s Apple event, from the mysterious third phone to the updated AirPods rumors.

    There’s a whole lot in between that — like a whole section dedicated to Roombas — so listen to it all, and you’ll get it all.

    01:33 - Trump says Amazon, Facebook, and Google represent a ‘very antitrust situation’

    08:08 - The 7 biggest moments from Wednesday’s social media hearings

    26:13 - “This week in Elon Musk” with Sean O’Kane

    30:39 - The 9 most plausible rumors about the new iPhones

    35:28 - Pixel 3 XL found in a Lyft, had already leaked enough for driver to recognize it

    37:39 - New 6.5-inch iPhone X model reportedly called the ‘iPhone XS Max’

    38:25 - Third-party USB-C to Lightning cables are reportedly happening

    42:41 - Five things to expect at the Apple event next week

    45:16 - Paul’s weekly segment “The decline of dirt

    50:59 - Google’s Pixel 3 event will take place on October 9th

    51:53 - BMW is the latest automaker to introduce its own in-car voice assistant

    52:04 - Netflix and YouTube are most throttled mobile apps by US carriers, new study says

    52:20 - Razer confirms it’s working on a second-generation Razer Phon

    53:17 - Samsung teases foldable smartphone launch for later this year

    We’re also doing a separate interview show in The Vergecast feed each week, so listen to the interview with Microsoft president and chief legal officer Brad Smith if you haven’t already.