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Sony finally lets PS4 owners play Rocket League against Xbox, Switch, PC

Sony finally lets PS4 owners play Rocket League against Xbox, Switch, PC


Rocket League follows Fortnite with full cross-platform play

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Sony is enabling cross-play support for Rocket League today. This now allows PS4 Rocket League players to play against gamers on Xbox One, Nintendo’s Switch, or Steam PC players. Sony had previously limited Rocket League cross-play to just between PS4 and PC, and Rocket League developers Psyonix revealed it was waiting on Sony to stop blocking cross-play. Sony eventually backed down on both Fortnite and Rocket League cross-play with a new policy change last year.

The policy changed followed months of pressure on Sony from both fans of Fortnite and Rocket League to enable cross-play support in both titles. Rocket League developer Psyonix is enabling cross-play by default, and a future update will also allow players to party up across platforms. Players will be able to create private matches to specifically partner up with friends until the update, otherwise it’s random matchmaking across PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Psyonix also thanked fans for continuing to put the pressure on Sony to change its mind. “It’s because of you, our fans, and our generous partners on all systems and services that have made this possible in the first place,” says Jeremy Dunham, VP of publishing at Psyonix. “On behalf of the entire team, thank you for your passion and persistence as we continue to do our best to make Rocket League the best experience we can.”