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Instagram product designer creates nostalgic, tech-inspired AR effects for users

Just tap on the effect to use

George Kedenburg is a product designer at Instagram whose cute, tech-inspired AR effects have caught on within the community.

Kedenburg has created a couple of AR effects inspired by cellphone battery indicators and 1990s desktop aesthetics. Instagram users can follow his effects account and download whichever ones they like. These effects can then be used in their own stories or posts.

The image below, for example, is directly inspired by old desktop PCs and programs like Microsoft Paint. It’s a nostalgic throwback to an earlier generation of computing — something that Instagram aficionados should appreciate. Users simply have to tap on the effect to use it for themselves.

Battery effect, another of Kedenburg’s designs.

Although Kedenburg works for Instagram, the company has allowed other third-party creators to come up with custom effects for users. Kylie Jenner used an AR effect for her lip kit line so followers could try it out using their phone. At last year’s F8 conference, Instagram announced that AR camera effects, like Kedenburg’s designs, were rolling out to users.

Influencers are often the first to experiment with new effects on Instagram. If you see them on a person’s story — or even your friend’s profile — you can just tap on them to use them yourself.