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Apple is once again selling its iPhone SE — for now

Apple is once again selling its iPhone SE — for now


The iPhone that refuses to die

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iPhone SE review

Last September, Apple officially stopped selling its iPhone X, iPhone SE, and iPhone 6S models, following the release of the iPhone XS and XR. MacRumors noticed that Apple quietly introduced the iPhone SE in its clearance section. Since then, each round of stock has sold out quickly, but if you’re lucky, you can find one now.

Update March 25th, 10:16AM ET: The iPhone SE is in stock again in the clearance section of Apple’s online store. The SE quickly sold out when Apple first started re-selling the iPhone SE, but since then it’s been easy to buy one without rushing.

The 2016-era phone is available in 32GB and 128GB sizes, with $100 and $150 knocked off the price, respectively, in your pick of space gray, rose gold, gold, and silver colors. An unlocked iPhone that’s in brand-new condition for $250 is a good deal, even if the design might seem tired for some.

Since the iPhone SE first hit Apple’s clearance section, Verge editor Nick Statt took the plunge, and he’s been using it as a phone that doesn’t have social media and other distracting apps on it. Of course, the SE is still capable enough to be your standalone phone, but if the recent Palm Phone intrigued you, the iPhone SE might be a better use of your cash.