Samsung has been dethroned


No longer the king of hardware design

Well, it looks like 2019 might be the year it all goes pear shaped for Samsung. Maybe.

After taking the world by storm with the design of the Galaxy S8, and leaving all other phones in the dust for almost a full 2 years, it looks like the king is dead. China has been kicking things into high gear in the fall of 2018, and it looks like 2019 will be no different - here is an image of the perported Vivo APEX 2019 edition, a buttonless, portless glass pebble of a phone that takes sexy minimalism to heights not yet reached in smartphone land.


There is an ever so slim chin still present, but until manufacturers can figure out how to make screens with display drivers not attached to the bottom of the screen, we will have to deal with this one minor compromise.

Chinese OEMs are just killing it with design these days. Here is a brief review over the last 6 months:



Find X


Nubia X


Mi Mix 3


Meanwhile we have this thing coming from Samsung:


Uneven bezels, chin, off center punch hole. I am already bored of this design. Bleh.

Looks like I'll be waiting for the S11 or S12 in hopes Samsung can get their design chops back to the glory days of the S8.

But what about software?

In terms of software design, they may just be at the top though. Their new OneUI is slick, smooth, and user centered - offering well thought out features and solutions for the user such as system wide dark mode and even better one handed mode options than before. Second would probably be iOS - buttery smooth performance and a pretty good multitasking system. Third place, well I'd probably give it to Oneplus with the 6T - stock Android with no bugs or slowdown, with a light sprinkling of Oneplus additional options to boot.

So what are your thoughts about Samsung's fall from fame? Agree/disagree?

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