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Apple reportedly making a 7th-gen iPod touch and new iPads

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Four new iPad models and a potential seventh-generation iPod touch have been found in the upcoming iOS 12.2, while seven new iPads were found in registration info in the Eurasian Economic Commission Database, as spotted by MacRumors.

Programmer Steven Troughton-Smith found four new iPad models ranging from iPad 11,1 to iPad 11,4 while looking through the code of iOS 12.2. Two of the iPads are Wi-Fi only, and two are cellular. Troughton-Smith tweets that the new devices could be iPad minis and iPads with 9.7-inch displays. None of the devices look like they have Face ID.

There’s also a mention of an iPod 9,1, which could be a new iPod touch since the current sixth-generation device is called iPod 7,1. All we know about the device is that it doesn’t look like it has Touch ID or Face ID.

The new model numbers add substance to rumors that Apple is planning on making a seventh-generation iPod touch, another 9.7-inch iPad, and a new iPad mini. A fifth-generation iPad mini is rumored to launch sometime this year, perhaps with an outdated A9 processor.

At the same time, the seven new iPads that Apple registered with the Eurasian Economic Commission last week potentially include the four Troughton-Smith noted on Twitter. All seven model numbers are new, so it’s possible Apple has even more up its sleeve than just four new tablets.

Correction January 28th, 12PM ET: This article has been corrected to reflect that the new iPad models could be iPad minis and iPads with 9.7-inch displays, not iPad minis with 9.7-inch displays. We regret the error.