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AT&T tries to trademark ‘Verge TV’ as if we’re going to let them get away with it

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Nah, we’ll keep it


Last month, AT&T filed several trademark applications for “Verge TV,” which suggests the company may be working on a new streaming television service that has a really great name. Seriously, we think “Verge TV” sounds like a great idea. Please check out our YouTube channel. And our existing trademark for The Verge.

If it’s not just a re-brand, Verge TV would be AT&T’s third streaming TV service, following DirecTV Now and the launch of WatchTV in 2018. A few days before filing the trademark, we noted that AT&T plans to bully its way to streaming domination, and a flurry of new streaming services could be part of that plan. We just didn’t know that bullying would feel so personal.

Unfortunately, AT&T, we simply can’t let you have The Verge — if only because being a brand that people love and trust wouldn’t make sense to your customers. Why not try “Go90” instead? We hear it’s available.