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Charter’s new Spectrum app for Apple TV users doesn’t require logins

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With ‘zero sign-on’ for Spectrum internet users

Photo: Spectrum

An official Spectrum TV app has been released for Apple TV customers after delays pushed back Charter’s planned 2018 launch for the app into the new year. The free app is straightforward, allowing subscribers to watch Spectrum programming — both live channels and on-demand content — when an Apple TV is connected to Spectrum home internet service without requiring the customer to sign in with their account details.

To use the new Spectrum TV app, you’ll need an active Spectrum TV with internet subscription and a fourth-generation Apple TV (or the Apple TV 4K).

The Spectrum app isn’t going to radically change your Apple TV experience, but if you’re already paying for Spectrum, it doesn’t hurt to know there’s another way to access the content you’re paying for if you hate using your cable box. And not having to enter any passwords is a relief. To download it, head to the App Store on your Apple TV.