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Microsoft’s new Outlook iOS design is now available for everyone

Microsoft’s new Outlook iOS design is now available for everyone


Available to download today

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Microsoft unveiled a new Outlook for iOS design back in December, complete with new animations and a move away from the traditional all-white design. While beta testers have had access for more than a month, the new design is rolling out to everyone using Outlook for iOS today. The most notable change will be the immediate blue bar at the top of the app, but most of the design work is very subtle.

You’ll now get prompted to set up custom swipe actions when you first use them, and there’s a new favorite folder feature to improve managing and filing of emails. Microsoft has also enabled avatars in the core inbox of Outlook for iOS, making it easier to glance at and find emails from contacts. These little improvements extend to showing your calendar inline in an email when you receive a calendar invite, or showing recent contacts and search queries in the search part of the app.

Microsoft is also working on a dark mode for Outlook mobile, but this won’t be a part of today’s update and is planned for a future version. You can download the latest Outlook for iOS update from Apple’s App Store