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The fallout from Facebook’s controversial research app

Apple yanked enterprise certificates from Facebook and Google, shutting down internal iOS apps

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Illustration by James Bareham / The Verge

Since a TechCrunch investigation published Tuesday revealed that Facebook was using a secret research app, essentially a re-skinned version of its Onavo VPN, to gather data on teen users, a flurry of news has taken Silicon Valley by storm. Now, a magnifying glass has been aimed at what seems increasingly like a common practice for tech companies to abuse Apple’s enterprise developer program to load apps that violate the App Store’s terms of service, all to gather more data about users.

Facebook is back in the good graces of the iPhone maker, but the practice, now no longer a secret, has come under immense scrutiny, and Apple seems more than willing to wield its power as a platform-owner to ensure it stops happening. Here’s all the latest news on the controversy as it continues unfolding.