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Netatmo’s smart doorbell is the first that’s compatible with Apple HomeKit

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Ask Siri who’s at your door

Image: Netatmo

Netatmo has introduced the first doorbell compatible with Apple HomeKit as one of the first big announcements in smart home devices at CES Unveiled. The Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell will let you ask Siri to use the doorbell’s app to check who’s standing outside.

The doorbell sends a video call to the app every time someone rings the doorbell to allow you to respond. You can also set Netatmo’s security app to send you alerts if people walk into specific areas you’ve marked so that you can detect if people are creeping suspiciously outside the house. The company suggests you can then “speak to the intruder and deter them from approaching” your home using the doorbell’s built-in mic and speaker. In the event someone tries to remove the doorbell from its wall mount or deactivate it, the security app will alert you immediately.

Netatmo’s security app is available on devices running iOS 10 and above, or Android 5.0 and above.

Image: Netatmo

The doorbell is built to be resistant to dust, dirt, and water, Netatmo says. It’s got a 1080p full HD camera with a 160-degree wide-angle lens that’s just short of giving you a full view of the surrounding area. At night, the doorbell uses infrared night vision to spot visitors. The doorbell requires a Wi-Fi connection and a wired doorbell installation.

Netatmo’s doorbell automatically saves video onto an internal microSD card, so it doesn’t require you to pay a subscription fee for more video storage. The data is encrypted, according to the company. The video can also be transferred to a Dropbox account — but eventually you may find yourself purchasing more storage, given that a free Dropbox account only provides 2GB.

Although HomeKit means you can control the doorbell through the Apple Home app or Siri, all the functionality you’ll need, such as receiving alerts and viewing a full video recording history, is also within the Netatmo security app. But the HomeKit integration will allow the doorbell to work in sync with other HomeKit gadgets and take advantage of Siri Shortcuts created by avid users.

If users could employ Siri Shortcuts to link up the Netatmo doorbell to outdoor Philips Hue lights and shine a spotlight on burglars, that could be pretty useful. In fact, Siri Shortcuts could become one of the most compelling reasons to potentially favor this doorbell over rivals from August and Ring, besides perks like no video storage subscriptions and encryption. Unfortunately, though, just because the potential is there doesn’t mean any of this will materialize.

According to Netatmo, the doorbell will be in stores by the second half of this year.