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SpaceX moon tourist scores most retweeted tweet ever with promise of free money

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Yusaku Maezawa, founder of massive Japanese online clothing retailer Zozotown, is a rich guy. Rich enough to pay Elon Musk’s SpaceX a serious amount of money to become a passenger on a trip to the moon, and also rich enough to rack up the most retweets in history by promising to give away almost a million dollars.

Styled in the fashion of a Japanese new year’s greeting card, which often contain gifts of money, Maezawa’s January 5th tweet says he’ll personally pay one million yen (about $9,200) to 100 people that follow and retweet him. The deadline is the 7th; Maezawa says he’ll contact the winners via direct message.

Right now the tweet has been retweeted nearly 3.8 million times, making it comfortably the most retweets attained by a single tweet. Sorry, Wendy’s nuggets guy — you had a good run, but it’s hard to compete with a billionaire handing out free money.