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Lenovo joins the ultrawide display party with two 43.4-inch monitors

Lenovo joins the ultrawide display party with two 43.4-inch monitors


Available in April, priced from $1,199.99

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Over the past year, we’ve seen some truly giant ultrawide monitors appear. Samsung, Philips, and LG are all offering 49-inch ultrawide curved displays, and now Lenovo is joining the huge display party with two curved 43.4-inch monitors. The first is Lenovo’s ThinkVision P44W, which is aimed at business users, and the second is the Legion Y44w Gaming Monitor. They’re both the exact same 43.4-inch panel, and it appears the difference is simply the supplied stands.

Lenovo’s ultrawide monitors will lift, tilt, and swivel to adjust, and the giant ultrawide display means it’s similar to having two 24-inch 16:10 displays pushed together to create a 32:10 aspect ratio. You’ll need to clear some space on your desk for either of these displays, but they have thin bezels on either side with a slight chin at the bottom.


The overall resolution is DWUXGA (3840 x 1200). Lenovo is supporting AMD’s latest FreeSync 2 adaptive synchronization technology alongside a 144Hz refresh rate and 4ms response rate. Much like Nvidia’s G-Sync, FreeSync will allow Lenovo’s displays to vary their refresh rate to match the render rate of the GPU to reduce stuttering and screen tearing.

Lenovo is also including two HDMI 2.0 ports, a single DisplayPort, two USB-C ports, and four USB ports. You’ll also be able to display two separate video inputs side by side, or use picture in picture. Both of the displays will be available in April, with the business version priced at $1,299.99 and the gaming model at $1,199.99