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ViewSonic’s new Elite gaming monitors are compatible with multiple RGB lighting ecosystems

ViewSonic’s new Elite gaming monitors are compatible with multiple RGB lighting ecosystems


And there are new 4K projectors, too

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Photo: ViewSonic

Elite, ViewSonic’s new gaming monitor sub-brand, has announced a pair of new gaming monitors, dubbed the ​XG240R​ and ​XG350R-C​, equipped with 16:9 standard and 21:9 ultrawide displays, respectively. They are typical, flashy gaming monitors that have high refresh rates and use AMD FreeSync to avoid screen tearing, but their true standout feature is that they both support multiple PC lighting ecosystems.

That’s right. You can mix and match peripherals, but still maintain synced lighting. ViewSonic’s Elite RGB software partners include the TT RGB PLUS ecosystem​ by Thermaltake, Chroma​ by Razer, and MasterPlus by Cooler Master.


The XG240R features a 24-inch display with 1080p resolution, a 144Hz refresh rate, and a 1ms response time. The XG350R-C is its curved counterpart, and it features a WQHD (3440 x 1440) resolution. Both monitors have HDMI and DisplayPort connections, USB 3.0 ports, AMD FreeSync, and built-in speakers. The XG240R will retail for $266, while the curved variant will cost $716 when they both debut later this month.

While it’s true that none of ViewSonicElite’s specs are groundbreaking or very different from what’s already on the market, the new line strikes a blow for user customization. After all, the main reason why you’d choose one of these monitors is if you care deeply about cross-platform PC lighting. Three software partners aren’t much, but that’s better than just one, especially when one of them is Razer’s own Chroma ecosystem, which includes dozens of well-liked peripherals and gaming computers. It also means you’ll be allowed to customize more parts of your desk setup, rather than being locked into a single ecosystem.

ViewSonic has more than just gaming monitors to tout at CES. It’s also showing off portable and 4K projectors, which will debut around the same time as its Elite sub-brand.


The new M1+ LED portable projector has Wi-Fi / Bluetooth support, 250 lumens of brightness, branded Harman Kardon speakers, full HD support, up to six hours of battery life, and a $549.99 price tag. If you’re more interested in high-end 4K home projectors, ViewSonic will have two debuting later this spring.