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Griffin introduces new wireless chargers for the iPhone and Apple Watch

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More dual wireless charging options

Photo: Griffin

Griffin is announcing several wireless chargers at CES today, including a model that can simultaneously charge an Apple Watch and an iPhone.

That headlining product, the PowerBlock Wireless Fast Charging Pad, is 7.5-watt Qi charger with a spot for an iPhone on one side and an Apple Watch on the other. A separate model will be sold without a spot for the Apple Watch, but with AirPower nowhere to be found, the dual wireless charger is the real highlight.

Griffin is introducing two other chargers as well. The PowerBlock Wireless Charging stand / pad is a 10-watt Qi device that charges your iPhone in vertical or landscape orientation, allowing you to flip it up and turn it into a dock. There’s also the Reserve Wireless Charging Bank, a 5,000mAh portable battery that can wirelessly charge your phone.

All of the new wireless chargers will be available in the next few months. The charging pad and Apple Watch dock will sell for $79.99, the iPhone-only charging pad will sell for $59.99, the wireless charging phone pad / stand will sell for $39.99, and finally, the wireless charging power bank will sell for $34.99.