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Watch LG’s CES 2019 announcements in 8 minutes

Watch LG’s CES 2019 announcements in 8 minutes

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LG’s CES keynotes have a habit of being all over the place, and that was true as ever this year. The company’s presentation opened on smart appliances, transitioned into a beer brewing gadget, and closed with an incredible TV that can roll up and hide when it isn’t in use. And there were plenty of awkward moments mixed in.

If you want to catch up, we’ve trimmed the 45 minute event into an 8 minute supercut that gets straight to the big announcements. You can watch the video above, and we’ve summed up the news below.

Smart alerts from appliances

LG’s ThinQ smart appliances will be able to send notifications to owners about potential problems, whether that’s something that needs to be fixed or just that your laundry detergent is running low.

Beer pods

The LG HomeBrew uses pods to brew five different styles of beer. Unfortunately, you have to wait two weeks to drink it. So... I don’t know, plan ahead.

AirPlay 2 on 2019 TVs

LG’s new TVs will support AirPlay 2, so anyone with an iPhone will be able to easily stream content from their phone to the TV. It’s a huge convenience, though LG isn’t the only company to add it this year — it sounds like every major TV manufacturer is on board. LG said its TVs would support Apple’s HomeKit system, too, so they can be controlled with smart home routines.

A rollable TV is coming

Rollable screens are one of those weird futuristic techs that have been previewed at trade shows like CES for years, without every making it into a real product. But now, it’s finally happening. The LG Signature OLED TV R hides inside a TV stand while it isn’t in use, then rises up out of the stand when you want to watch it. It looks very cool — and it’s likely to be very expensive when it launches this spring.

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