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Valeo is debuting its ‘invisible trailer’ at CES

Valeo is debuting its ‘invisible trailer’ at CES


Drivers can see behind their caravans

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Automotive supplier Valeo is bringing a little bit of magic to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show — a “disappearing” trailer or caravan that people can hook up to the back of their vehicles.

The XtraVue Trailer is a standard caravan that “causes a trailer or caravan to appear invisible in the rearview mirror of the vehicle towing it,” according to a press release from the company. The system uses cameras placed on the rear bumpers of both the vehicle and the trailer to produce a single homogeneous image, which is fed to a small display placed in front of the driver. This theoretically allows drivers to see what’s happening behind the caravan, giving them a better idea of what’s also on the road.

Valeo brought XtraVue to CES for the first time last year, introducing a camera that allowed drivers to see through vehicles. This relied on cameras installed in other vehicles, however, making it less reliable than the XtraVue Trailer, which works with cameras installed on one vehicle.