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Elgato announces a professional $199 light rig for Twitch streamers and YouTube creators

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Key Light begins shipping next week

Vlad Savov/The Verge

Elgato brought a slate of new products to the Consumer Electronic Show this year, including its Elgato Key Light display.

The Key Light display is an LED light panel that is created specifically for streamers and content creators, many of whom operate on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. The system clamps to a user’s desk, giving them the ability to frame how they want the setup to work and taking up minimal space, according to the company.

The Key Light rig communicates wirelessly with the computer, allowing users to control lighting brightness and even warmth via Elgato’s Control Center app or Stream Deck. Key Light “shines with 80 premium OSRAM LEDs that output a massive 2,500 lumens,” according to a press release. Users will also have the option to control and change the Key Light’s colors from their computer or streaming center.

Alongside the Key Light, Elgato announced a couple of additional new features and products for streamers and content creators. The Elgato Screen Link is a new iOS app that helps share any mobile gameplay or camera footage they capture from their phones. The Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Pro Dock lets Mac users connect all their devices with one cable at their full power with lightning-fast 40Gb/s throughput.

The Key Light will begin to ship sometime during the week of January 13th, and will cost $199.