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Zagg launches new iPad Pro keyboard cases with room to store your Apple Pencil

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Three solid third-party iPad cases

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Photo: Zagg

Accessories manufacturer Zagg announced a new line of keyboard cases for the iPad and iPad Pro today. These are some of the only iPad cases with dedicated storage for an Apple Pencil as well as multiple viewing angles that allow you to transform the iPad into a convertible tablet, similar to the Microsoft Surface.

There are three new cases in total — the Slim Book Go, Messenger Folio, and Rugged Book Go — all of which put an iPad case together with a keyboard and kickstand.

The Slim Book Go is the case for most casual users who want to protect their iPad. It supports both the iPad and iPad Pro, works at multiple viewing angles, has a detachable backlit keyboard that features seven different colors, and it includes integrated storage for the Apple Pencil. It’s available immediately for the 9.7-inch iPad for $100, with 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro versions coming out soon, for $100 and $130, respectively.

The Messenger Folio case gets rid of the backlit keys and detachable keyboard, instead opting for wider laptop-style keys with a fabric wraparound design. But it retains most of the same features, including two viewing angles, and Apple Pencil storage. The Messenger Folio will cost $70 when it goes on sale in February.

The Rugged Book Go has a claimed 6.6-foot drop protection. It’s a more robust form of device protection than the other two cases, and it will only be offered for the 11-inch Pro. It will be available this spring for $150.