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Watch Samsung’s CES 2019 announcements in nine minutes

Watch Samsung’s CES 2019 announcements in nine minutes


Huge TVs and adorable robots

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It wouldn’t be CES without some incredible new TVs and unnecessary new smart appliances from Samsung, and that’s exactly what we got from its announcements this year. Onstage in Las Vegas, a series of Samsung execs came out to show us an enormous 8K TV, an updated smart fridge platform, a whole bunch of Bixby features, and an adorable robot that can check your blood pressure.

We’ve boiled the whole hour-long presentation down into a more digestible nine-minute supercut. You can catch up on the big news below.

98-inch 8K QLED TV

It’s big. The biggest 8K set yet from Samsung, one-upping last year’s 85-inch 8K TV, which is now on sale for $15,000. The new set supports HDMI 2.1 and is able to upscale content to take advantage of all the extra pixels. There’s no price or release date yet, but you can bet it’ll be pricey.

Smarter appliances

Samsung spent a lot of time showing off an update to its smart fridges, which now have a new interface that’s supposed to make it easier for families to post photos and notes for everyone to see. The fridge is also getting a handy update that’ll alert you if you’ve left the door open. Samsung announced a new washer with smart integrations, too.

Nicer laptops

The Notebook 9 Pro was Samsung’s big PC announcement. The laptop has a much more premium look and feel than its predecessors — even if it does look a bit like a blander MacBook Pro. Samsung also introduced a new gaming laptop, the Notebook Odyssey, with a GeForce RTX card inside.

Adorable robots

I’m not sure if Samsung has plans to make these into real products anytime soon, but it previewed a handful of adorable robots that can help around the house and retail stores. It’s not clear if they do a ton (the one robot that was demoed just wheeled itself around and took someone’s blood pressure), but they all come with cute blinking eyes that it’s impossible not to love.

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