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LG Display made a portable 27-inch monitor, and it’s kind of awesome

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A single USB-C cable provides both video and power

LG Display is reliably one of the more exciting companies at CES, as every year it comes to the Las Vegas convention with something truly futuristic. This particular one isn’t a rollable, flexible, or transparent display, but it’s still a pretty cool little innovation. The 27-inch Neo Art Portable Monitor Display is a prototype of a grab-and-go monitor that lets you feed it both power and video via a single USB-C cable. That makes the monitor eminently transportable, with a thin and light design that honestly makes it practical to tote around between rooms in your house or office meeting rooms.

I tried the Neo Art display for myself at CES 2019, and it’s actually much more refined than a concept or prototype usually is. Connecting it to a MacBook Pro is truly plug-and-play, and LG Display’s demo had a single MBP powering two of the 27-inch displays at once. Of course, the MacBook Pro quickly needed to be recharged again — and this really illustrates the weakness of the models that only have two USB-C ports, leaving me without another port for my power cable — but just the fact that it’s possible to feed two 27-inch displays along with a 13-inch MacBook panel at once off a single laptop’s battery is profoundly impressive.

The Neo Art displays have humble specs, being LCD panels with 1920 x 1080 resolution and no additional frills like embedded speakers or a webcam, but their picture looks attractive and vibrant in person.

Two 27-inch LG Display Neo Art portable monitors driven off a single MacBook Pro.
Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge

As usual, LG Display’s demonstrations aren’t a promise of any sort of retail product. They’re a cool exploration of what’s possible. But, just this week, LG Electronics announced that the previous LG Display highlight, the 65-inch rollable OLED TV, is going to be a real product we can buy early in 2019. So you never know, maybe if there’s enough consumer interest, the Neo Art portable 27-incher might also become a real purchasable commodity.