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This AirPods case is also a fidget spinner

This AirPods case is also a fidget spinner


2017 is back

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This is an AirPods case that’s also a fidget spinner.

I’ll let that sink in for a sec.

The fidget spinner was supposed to be comfortably resting in its grave back in 2017, but a company has just made the first spinning case for AirPods. The ZenPod is made by Air Vinyl, a company known for making AirPod cases. It’s a leather case with a polycarbonate frame and, yes, a built-in anodized aluminum spinner with steel bearings.

It was impossible to escape fidget spinners in 2017. Marketed not just as a toy, but a way to deal with everything from ADHD to stress and PTSD — there were mobile phone spinners, Bluetooth spinners that had a knack for catching on fire, gaming spinners, and even a gold Kim Kardashian spinner in the shape of a dollar sign with “daddy” written on it. That said, most experts say the science behind spinners being a legitimate tool for helping with these issues is thin — they’re simply a fun cultural blip on our collective radar.

Whatever spinners do or don’t do, and how in or out of fashion they are, they can be a fun way to deal with fidgeting behavior. This at least gives AirPods owners a secondary function for a device they already carry around. And there aren’t a lot of options out there for interesting AirPods cases to begin with. Perhaps most importantly, it doesn’t look like a fidget spinner.

The ZenPod comes in three colorways — black leather with a black spinner, black leather with a silver spinner, and brown leather with a silver spinner — and costs $30 (and, not that it needs to be said, AirPods are not included).