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Google Drawings can now be embedded in Google Docs

Google Drawings can now be embedded in Google Docs

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Illustration: Alex Castro / The Verge

Google has introduced a small, but helpful feature in Docs for G Suite customers. You can now embed Google Drawings that are saved in Drive directly into a Google Doc.

Previously, you couldn’t embed an existing Google Drawing within a Google Doc — drawings had to be manually created within the document. Now, in the “Insert” drop-down menu, the option for “Drawing” will let you either select “New” or “From Drive,” allowing you to navigate to an existing drawing on Drive to place it in. If that drawing ever changes, an “Update” button in the top right corner will make sure all content in the document is current with the source files.

Image: Google

The new embed feature, which began rolling out on January 7th, is available for all G Suite editions. Google says not everyone will see it right away — it has an extended rollout of potentially longer than 15 days.