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Ikea’s smart blinds will be available in the US starting on April 1st

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The goal is making smart blinds more affordable

Photo: Ikea

Ikea has set a release date of April 1st for its aggressively priced smart blinds in the United States, according to a Fast Company report, only a couple of months after the motorized shades’ debut in Europe on February 2nd. There, Ikea priced its Fyrtur blackout shades between $113 and $181 (converted from euros), with blind sizes ranging from the width of your average room window, all the way up to 195 cm (76.8 inches) wide.

If you’ve never heard of smart blinds before — internet-controlled automated shades — that’s probably because most smart blinds cost anywhere between $300-500. Their high cost makes them a tough smart home upgrade to swallow, so any affordable competition in this space is worth learning more about. However, Ikea’s official pricing in the US is still unannounced.

Ikea also promises their upcoming smart blinds will come bundled with a remote control and a rechargeable battery pack, as well as support for Alexa, HomeKit, and Google Assistant control and integration. That’s all I ever wanted out of smart blinds, really.

Ikea also integrated their Trådfri smart lights and smart plugs with their blinds, which will work with the same app and will be able to communicate with your shades to dim or brighten lights, according to the time of day. The smart blinds will even support Ikea’s existing Vidga curtain rail series, so if you already own Ikea curtains, there’s a possibility you’re already on the path to using Ikea’s smart blinds.