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Give your desk some Mac Pro cheese grater chic with this lookalike PC case

Give your desk some Mac Pro cheese grater chic with this lookalike PC case


Coming to Kickstarter on October 21st

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Image: Dune

I think the new Mac Pro looks quite nice (yes, even if it does look like a giant cheese grater), but I don’t want (or need) to pay $5,999 just to have it sitting on my desk. But if you, like me, dream of having a Mac Pro at your desk at a potentially cheaper price, PC casemaker Dune is launching a Kickstarter for the Dune Pro, a Mac Pro-like PC case.

It looks remarkably similar to the new Mac Pro, with a large stainless steel frame, simple holes for ventilation in the front and back panels, two USB-C ports on top of the case, and an aluminum enclosure for all your components.

However, the Dune Pro is missing the Mac Pro’s cool swiveling handle that lets you slide off the entire shell to get to the computer’s internals — instead, it seems you’ll have to gently pry off the aluminum sides to get inside the computer. The Dune Pro is also missing the Mac Pro’s custom motherboard, of course, with its special Thunderbolt 3 backbone that lets it fit proprietary “MPX Module” expansion cards.

If you really want the full-on Mac Pro cheese grater look, Dune is apparently going to sell a “sound dampening accessory” that’s an entirely new front panel with latticed holes.


PCWorld seems to have gotten their hands on the case early, and you can see it from every angle in this video as they build a PC inside the chassis.

If you want to know just how many components you can throw into the Dune Pro, check out its overview page and its specs page. Dune says you can pre-order the Dune Pro on Kickstarter starting on October 21st.