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A deep dive into macOS Catalina, iPadOS, and the 2019 iPad

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The Vergecast gets into Apple’s new software

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Apple’s macOS Catalina update has arrived. Our review went up this week, and it’s time to talk about it on The Vergecast!

On this week’s show, Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller go deep into Apple’s updated operating systems: macOS Catalina, iPadOS, iOS 13, and a little bit of tvOS. Catalina seems pretty buggy, and some apps are broken. Is upgrading worth it? Listen to our experts who have used it extensively.

Of course, there’s a lot more to discuss, like Sony confirming the PlayStation 5 name and release date, the Chinese government exerting pressure on tech companies, Paul’s segment “You know what? Maybe radio was a mistake,” and an iPad review.

Stories discussed on the show this week: