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New trailers: Jungle Cruise, Pixar’s Onward, a new Walking Dead spinoff, and more

New trailers: Jungle Cruise, Pixar’s Onward, a new Walking Dead spinoff, and more

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Image: Disney

I got around to watching The Old Man & the Gun the other week, the newest film from A Ghost Story director David Lowery. The film stars Robert Redford as an older man who can’t stop robbing banks (and being incredibly charming while doing it).

It’s a lovely little movie, and watching it, I continually felt stunned that it was made in 2018. It has a warmth, low stakes, and casual pacing that make it feel like a film from an older era, when special effects were harder to do and budgets where much lower as a rule. (It also has a relatively brief hour-and-a-half runtime.)

I wish I could pinpoint exactly what it is that gives the film its throwback feel, but I’m not sure it’s any one thing. But watching the movie certainly made me wish there was more like it coming out — movies with not-too-enormous budgets that are content to tell a simple genre story and leave.

Check out nine trailers from this week below.


Pixar put out the first full trailer for Onward this week, and you know what, it looks more fun than I expected. It’s a road-trip movie — just one that’s set in a fantasy universe — about saving a lost father with a big ticking clock of tension hovering over everything (now that I type it out... that is nearly a description of Coco, too). It comes out March 6th next year.

Jungle Cruise

Can a Disney theme park ride with as dry a name as “Jungle Cruise” be turned into as successful a series as Pirates of the Caribbean? Jungle Cruise’s source of inspiration may be a little ridiculous, but it looks like it’ll be a fun adventure film. It comes out next year on July 24th.

The Walking Dead spinoff

I kind of watch in horror as The Walking Dead universe continues to endlessly expand into AMC’s entire programming slate, but I have to say, the addition of a YA spinoff seems like one of the smarter moves. The show doesn’t have a proper name yet, but it’s supposed to start next spring.

Charlie’s Angels

There’s a new trailer out for Elizabeth Banks’ take on Charlie’s Angels, which looks like a very modern and funny take on the classic series. It comes out November 15th. 

Truth Be Told

Octavia Spencer plays a true-crime podcaster in Truth Be Told, which has her character questioning whether her podcast led to someone being wrongly convicted. There’s been more and more crossover between podcasts and TV series lately, and this premise offers a lot to explore. The show starts December 6th.  

The Elephant Queen

As the launch of Apple TV Plus closes in, Apple continues to push out trailers for its first shows. The Elephant Queen isn’t exactly prestige TV, but it looks like the exact kind of heartwarming and adorable fare that Apple is likely to go heavy on. The show premieres November 1st.

Judy & Punch

Mia Wasikowska stars as a puppeteer seeking revenge in this wonderfully odd and unexpected feature debut from writer and actor Mirrah Foulkes. It comes to the UK on November 21st.

Weathering With You

I failed to include trailers for Your Name when it came to the US a couple years back because I thought it looked kind of cheesy and too deep of a genre cut, but I should have included it given how enormous of a hit the film was and how much bigger it’s become since. So here’s the trailer for the next film from Your Name’s director and producer, which is also Japan’s submission to the 2020 Oscars. It comes out January 17th.

Earthquake Bird

Netflix has a strange thriller coming up that has Alicia Vikander and Riley Keough in the leading roles. It’s sort of just about normal love triangle drama... but also there’s nonstop creepy music and potentially some questionable use of culture shock. Also someone accuses another person of being “addicted” to cameras? They say it in a sexy whisper? I’m kind of lost. It comes out November 1st.