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Hey, Lady Gaga, lemme explain Ninja to you

Hey, Lady Gaga, lemme explain Ninja to you


He’s a gamer, you’re a singer, could I make it any more obvious?

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Hey, Lady Gaga! You’ve asked a great question — who is Ninja, really? — and I’m here to explain in a blog post, because that’s how the content sausage gets made, baby. (I am not being forced to do this, but I am getting paid to, and, honestly, isn’t that just about the same thing?)

In any case: your question. Ninja is a guy who was born in Detroit, MI, with the name Richard Tyler Blevins. Now he’s a 28-year-old who lives somewhere else, presumably, who streams himself playing video games live on a website no one really watches yet, called Mixer to an audience of tens of thousands of people who adore him for his gameplay and his ~crackling~ wit.

Basically, this guy’s a big deal online. It’s cool if you’re not really online. You’re kinda too rich for it, imo. (If I were rich, I certainly would not be.)

Dani Deahl

Anyway. Ninja is probably the most famous gamer on the planet. And he’s famous for playing Fortnite — I know you asked about that the other day; isn’t it amazing that you’re getting two unsolicited answers for the price of one? — which is a game for children that many, many adults love. It’s colorful! It’s got llama piñatas! And you can make a ton of money playing it in front of an audience!

If you don’t know about him, that’s probably because you’re one of the most famous musicians on the planet, and those spheres don’t really intersect. (At least not yet. I assume they’ll get there eventually.) Basically: you’re both multimillionaires from the things you seem to enjoy doing — do you like to sing? Or are you more into acting these days? — and you should know each other. The fact that you’re even interacting on Twitter has people in a tizzy, like the pro gamer dudes at TSM:

They’re so riled up they believe Elon Musk! I’ve never been that worked up in my life. (These guys also play games for a living. If you’re in touch with Cardi B, please ask her what Offset does with FaZe — she’ll know what you’re talking about.) Hope this helps!

Cordially yours,


P.S. You said you were never coming back in that video you did with Beyoncé. What’s up with that?