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Swagtron introduces three new vintage-style electric cruisers

Swagtron introduces three new vintage-style electric cruisers


Good for zooming down a beach boardwalk or up a sandy trail

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Swagtron is expanding its lineup of affordable electric bikes with three new models: the EB9, EB10, and EB11. All three bikes are in the classic cruiser style, with upright U-shaped handlebars and frames that feature the sweeping lines of a vintage beach bike. And if they’re anything like the EB12 city bike that was released earlier this year, the new bikes will be fun and affordable entry-level e-bikes for a wide variety of riders.

Cruisers are good for casual city riding, but they look best zooming down a beach boardwalk or sand-covered trail. The upright riding style is sure to appeal to riders who prefer not to be hunched over their handlebars and for whom speed and aerodynamics are just an afterthought. The low-slung top tubes on the frame could be ideal for customers with knee sensitivities or limited mobility. They also come with 7-speed Shimano drivetrains, which allow for easier hill climbing.

Each bike has a 250-watt rear hub motor and rear-rack mounted, 36-volt battery. The battery is designed to be lockable and removable, with Swagtron selling replacement batteries separately in case you need a swap out in the wild.

Their top speeds vary, with the EB9 able to hit 16.5 mph, and the EB10 and EB11 each getting up to 15.3 mph. That’s not as fast as what the majority of Class 2 e-bikes can the market today, which is typically 20 mph. The EB9 also has a slightly longer range than the other two bikes (28 miles versus 26 miles).

As long as you don’t mind the trade-offs

Weight can be a killer for many e-bikes, but Swagtron has a talent for shaving off the pounds with smaller motors and lighter, less powerful batteries. As long as you don’t mind the trade-offs — a little slower and not as much kick — the bikes can be easier to get up and down stairs or on and off a car rack. That said, they’re not exactly featherweights: the EB9 is 41.66 pounds, while both the EB10 and EB11 are 50.7 pounds.

Each bike will sell for $1,111, but Swagtron is offering an introductory promotion for $999 (which is the same price it’s selling the EB12 city bike). They can be purchased at the company’s website, Amazon, or select retailers.