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Google Maps on iOS will soon let you report speed traps and traffic slowdowns

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You’ll also be able to report construction, lane closures, and more

Photo: Chris Welch / The Verge

Since 2018, Google has slowly added ways to report incidents on the road like accidents, road closures, and traffic slowdowns — something made popular by Google-owned Waze — to Google Maps on Android. Starting this week, though, Google says Google Maps users on iOS will soon be able to report road incidents as well.

In a blog post (via 9to5Google), Google says that iPhone users will be able to report those crashes, speed traps, and traffic slowdowns now too. To report an incident, you’ll tap a new button under the compass in the driving navigation UI, as shown in this GIF:

And iOS users aren’t the only ones getting new reporting options — Google says that users on both platforms will be able to report construction, lane closures, disabled vehicles, and objects on the road in updates rolling out this week.

One of the best parts of Waze is that it gives a pretty accurate picture of what’s happening on the roads around you so that you can have a better idea of current road conditions. Hopefully, now that both users on both major phone platforms can report what’s going on, and with more detail than before, Google Maps will provide similarly useful information.