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Twitter and TweetDeck are both a little broken right now

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They’ve had a ‘partial service disruption’

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Twitter is currently experiencing an outage that’s affecting both the main Twitter interface as well as TweetDeck. The company’s support account acknowledged the issue at 00:26 AM EST today, in a tweet which noted that users might experience issues “Tweeting, getting notifications, or viewing DMs.” Twitter’s status page says that the issue should have been “Resolved” as of 10:52AM UTC (06:52AM EST), but notes that users may still experience issues for a few minutes longer.

Personally, I started experiencing issues at around 6:00AM EST when the main Twitter site stopped showing me any new tweets. TweetDeck is refusing to show me any tweets at all and keeps trying to refresh the page, while a third party TweetDeck program, Tweeten, keeps signing me out from the service.

Downdetector suggests that the problems became widespread at around 7:00AM BST (2:00AM EST).
Screenshot: Downdetector

Reports on Downdetector suggest that the issues became widespread at around 2:00AM EST, before peaking with over a thousand reports soon after. After a brief dip in the number of reports, the issues quickly rose again.

The last time the service had a significant outage was in July, when the service started experiencing issues just over a week after Facebook and Instagram had a day-long outage of their own. At the time, a Twitter spokesperson blamed the issues on “an internal configuration change.”