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Google got wireless charging right on the Pixel 4

Google got wireless charging right on the Pixel 4


Up to 11W wireless charging with no weird restrictions

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Google sort of botched wireless charging on the Pixel 3 last year. Only customers who bought the company’s own Pixel Stand accessory and a very small selection of third-party chargers were able to juice up the Pixel 3 at the fastest possible wireless charging speeds. Everyone else using their existing mats and charging stands were limited to a much slower 5-watt charge. But Google has righted this mistake with the Pixel 4.

According to Mishaal Rahman of XDADevelopers, the Pixel 4 and 4 XL support 11-watt wireless charging. This is confirmed on a page for the device at the Wireless Power Consortium, and has also been further verified through direct testing.

Any Qi-compatible charger that can output 11W or more should be able to recharge the Pixel 4 at that maximum power level — no Pixel Stand or expensive, made-for-Pixel certification required. But there is one requirement to look for: chargers need to support Qi’s Extended Power Profile (EPP). Most newer high-speed wireless chargers from Samsung, Anker, Mophie, and other brands are EPP-compliant. You can check for sure on the Wireless Power Consortium’s website.

As Rahman notes, Google never mentioned or highlighted the Pixel 4’s ability to charge faster on a wider array of charging pads in the run-up to launch. Maybe the company just decided to quietly get rid of its weirdly strict approach and bring the new Pixel closer in line with other Android flagships that offer fast wireless charging. The Pixel 4 might strike some people as overpriced, but at least you can save on a charger if you’re sold on Google’s latest phone.