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Hulu’s offline downloads come to Android today

Hulu’s offline downloads come to Android today


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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Hulu was slower than other streaming services in offering the option to download videos for offline viewing, but at least the company is moving quickly to expand the feature. Today Hulu announced that downloads are now available on Android smartphones and tablets.

Downloads first launched on iOS and iPadOS earlier this month. Only customers who pay for Hulu’s No Ads plan ($11.99 per month) are able to save movies and TV shows to watch later if they’re somewhere without internet connectivity. If you’re on the basic, ad-supported Hulu tier, you can only stream — not download anything.

Hulu allows downloads of up to 25 titles across a maximum of five devices. You have 30 days to hit play on downloaded content, but only two days to finish something that you’ve already started. You can renew expired content once you’re back online (so long as it’s still part of Hulu’s catalog) to preserve the offline download.

There are two options for download video quality: standard or higher. Standard will download faster and take up less storage on your device, but won’t look quite as good as the higher-quality setting.

Hulu recently introduced a like and dislike system that gives subscribers more control over their home feed and recommendations, and Hulu says more improvements to the user experience are on the way.