I wanna buy a Pixel 3 but... (Calling Pixel 3 users)


Hello, everyone! It's been a while since I was here in the GPlex. I came back to ask for your help.

I've been surviving with my mother's former phone: a Nokia 1 (1GB RAM/16GB ROM). As you can see, I'm in need of a new phone. I've been a fan of Android One and because of that I skipped some purchases, like the Galaxy A line, waiting for either the Xiaomi Mi A3 or the Pixel 4.

However, I've been disappointed by both phones, especially the Pixel 4. Because of that I started looking to the Pixel3; but then, I remembered the myriad of issues that phone had and it made me doubt if it would be a good choice to buy now in late 2019. Nonetheless, I still think the phone is worth it? The camera, the clean Android experience (Google's vision, but still), the updates and support are very solid reasons to go after it, especially now that is discounted.

The current offerings from the Google Store are these:

  • Pixel 3: As of the moment of this writing, the unlocked version is currently (and maybe permanently) out of stock. Early in the day, the 128GB unlocked version was still available.
  • Pixel 3XL (64 GB) with case: The only version available currently costs $639
  • Pixel 3a with case: $439
  • Pixel 3a XL with case: $519

The thing is, I can get other good deals in my country like: Samsung's S10e (6GB RAM/128GB ROM, the Exynos version) for $545; Xiaomi's Mi9T Pro for $415; the new Motorolas for a lil' more than $300 and so on...

So yeah, I was wondering if some Pixel 3 owners could tell me if the many issues have been solved. Also, I would like to know your opinions about how good would it be to buy the Pixel 3 now in November 2019 or if I should go after any of the offers that I already mentioned.

There's also that iPhone 11 at $699...

Thanks in advance for your help!