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Amazon is offering an Echo Dot for 99 cents with an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription

Amazon is offering an Echo Dot for 99 cents with an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription


The Echo Dot normally costs $50

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If you want an Echo Dot, Amazon’s got a new deal you can use to get one for cheap: the company will sell you a third-gen Echo Dot for just 99 cents if you buy a month of Amazon Music Unlimited along with it.

The whole deal will cost you $8.78: $7.99 for one month of Amazon Music Unlimited and $0.99 for the Echo Dot. If you’re not an Amazon Prime member already, Amazon’s terms and conditions say that you’ll have to pay the non-Prime price of $9.99 for Amazon Music Unlimited, making the total price $10.98.

You’ll save a lot on a Dot

Whichever deal you go with, a third-gen Echo Dot costs $49.99 on its own, so you’ll be saving a lot on a pretty good smart speaker either way. However, if you’re looking at the new Echo Dot with clock, that still costs $59.99.

Amazon says that the Amazon Music Unlimited subscription will auto-renew after one month. If you want the speaker but don’t want the service, it seems like you could buy the Echo Dot with this deal, cancel Amazon Music Unlimited before your month is up, and still keep the device. We haven’t tested this ourselves, though.

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Also note that this deal doesn’t give you access to Amazon’s lossless streaming tier, Amazon Music HD. That costs $12.99 if you’re a Prime customer and $14.99 if you’re not. Theoretically, you could buy an Echo Dot on this deal and upgrade to Amazon Music HD the month after.

Earlier this week, Spotify began offering a free Google Home Mini with a Spotify Premium subscription for a limited time. So if you’ve been looking for deals on smart speakers, you’ve got a couple of great ones to pick from right now.