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Apple might release new Smart Battery Cases to make iPhone 11 battery life even better

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A photo of one was found in iOS 13.2

Image: 9to5Mac

A photo of what looks to be a new, unreleased Smart Battery Case for an iPhone with a square camera bump — in other words, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro — has been discovered by 9to5Mac, buried in the code for the newly released iOS 13.2.

The newest iPhones already have pretty solid battery life, largely because the phones are thicker so they can house larger batteries. A new Smart Battery Case would, in theory, make the devices’ battery life even better.

9to5Mac’s digging hasn’t revealed how much battery capacity the new case will have. It’s also hard to tell exactly which iPhone this apparent Smart Case is designed for — but Apple released battery cases for all three 2018 iPhones, so it would make sense that they’ll come to all three 2019 iPhones.