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T-Mobile will stop selling the OnePlus 7 Pro

T-Mobile will stop selling the OnePlus 7 Pro


The 7T just seems to be the better deal

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

The new OnePlus 7T isn’t even out yet in the US, but T-Mobile has confirmed it’s already pulling its more expensive predecessor, the OnePlus 7 Pro. That’s apparently because OnePlus “wants to focus on a single model” in the US, according to a report from Wave7 Research (via PCMag).

Though that’s disappointing if you wanted to buy the OnePlus 7 Pro in the US — T-Mobile is the carrier partner for OnePlus here — it seems that T-Mobile is realizing something similar to what my colleague Dan Seifert concluded in his review: most people would be better served buying the 7T, which shares many features with the 7 Pro but offers them at a cheaper price.

T-Mobile confirmed to PCMag that has pulled the 7 Pro from its website “due to low inventory,” and though apparently you can find it in a “limited” number of stores this essentially means that the company is moving on from the phone. We checked T-Mobile’s page for the OnePlus 7 Pro, and it indeed doesn’t offer a way to purchase the phone, instead pointing you a map to find a retail store. That map doesn’t show which stores might be carrying it — seems you’ll have to check that for yourself.

PCMag also said that OnePlus sales at T-Mobile stores only account for 1.3 percent of all phones, so it seems T-Mobile is moving to focus its efforts on selling just one device, and it will likely have a better sales pitch for the cheaper 7T.

Perhaps the less expensive 7T will fare better at retail

OnePlus built its reputation on making affordable flagships, but they have slowly crept up in price as it and others like Apple and Samsung have added more and more premium features to bring us to the age of the one thousand dollar phone. The OnePlus 7 Pro didn’t cost quite that much at $700, but perhaps the less expensive 7T will fare better at retail when it comes out on October 18th.