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Outlook for iOS is getting iPad Split View, Do Not Disturb, and smart folders

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Some useful features are arriving in the coming weeks

Microsoft is planning some useful updates to its Outlook for iOS app in the coming weeks. If you’re an iPad user, then Outlook is about to start supporting Split View, so you can open your email list alongside your calendar. Drag and drop support is also on the way, so you’ll soon be able to drag links or text from a browser window into an Outlook email draft.

Alongside the iPad additions, Outlook for iOS is finally getting the Do Not Disturb feature. This has been available on Android for what feels like forever, and its introduction on iOS will include the ability to customize work hours and days. Do Not Disturb will silence email notifications on a scheduled basis, or even just by selecting an option like “Until Tomorrow” if you’re not feeling like answering work emails at all hours of the night.

Do No Disturb mode

Outlook for iOS is also getting LinkedIn integration. You’ll be able to connect an account and see potential matches in the contact cards within Outlook, and this will hopefully improve the lack of profile images for email contacts that are outside of an organization or Microsoft account.

The final new addition is really useful if you move a lot of email around in Outlook mobile. Microsoft is planning to suggest folders to help Outlook for iOS users who move certain emails into specific folders. If you always move messages from a particular contact, you’ll start to notice that Outlook is one step ahead of you and will suggest the folder soon.

These updates will be rolling out in the coming weeks, but Microsoft is also promising a “sneak peek” at what’s next for Outlook on iOS and Android at the company’s Ignite conference next week. Ignite will also include an early look at some updates to Outlook for Mac, with one session promising an “updated user experience rolling out first to early adopters.” Another session will also focus on what’s next for Outlook on Windows.