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It might be safe to update your Apple HomePod now

It might be safe to update your Apple HomePod now


iOS 13.2.1 is rolling out

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Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Two days ago, we brought you the news that a new iOS 13.2 update to Apple’s HomePod would finally be able to tell different users’ voices apart. But that same evening, the update disappeared — probably because of numerous reports that it was bricking HomePods. Thankfully, it appears there’s now a new iOS 13.2.1 update, rolling out now, that picks up where 13.2 left off.

As MacRumors notes, iOS 13.2.1 has the exact same changelog, which suggests the only actual change is a fix for the bug. It’d be nice if Apple came out and said that, but perhaps the company’s hoping we’ll forget there was ever an issue at all.

Keep in mind that we don’t actually know if this update comes with a fix — it’s just highly unlikely that Apple would resume updates if it hadn’t fixed the problem. We’re installing it on a HomePod right now, but that won’t be a definitive test either, since 13.2 didn’t brick any of our personal units the first time around.

If you’ve already got a bricked HomePod, there are reports that Apple will replace it, even out of warranty, if you contact Apple Support now.