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Protesters douse Wall Street bull with fake blood

Scenes from Extinction Rebellion protests in New York City

Wall Street’s Charging Bull statue was doused in fake blood this morning by environmental protestors. A woman with the group Extinction Rebellion stood atop the bloodied bull waving the group’s green flag; other protesters, also splattered with the red liquid, staged a sit-in around the statue. The New York City Police Department arrested roughly 20 people there.

The day of protests began with a staged funeral march from nearby Battery Park to the bull statue. Demonstrators mostly wore funeral black, but some participants who called themselves the “Red Brigade” wore scarlet robes. The robes, they said, represented the blood of all species facing extinction as a result of climate change. It’s all part of coordinated protests taking place today across 60 cities around the world.

The protestors were at Wall Street because they feel that Wall Street has valued fossil fuels more highly than human life, said 20-year-old Ayisha Siddiqa, a youth coordinator for Extinction Rebellion in New York City. “I am sick and tired of going to school and not seeing a future.”

“We believe that cultural institutions must declare climate and ecological emergencies” stated a pamphlet distributed near the Red Brigade, a group of performers who gathered with other protestors in lower Manhattan as part of Extinction Rebellion, a group who organized mass protests around the world on Monday, October 7th.
Protestors march across Bowling Green and toward the iconic Charging Bull statue in the Financial District of lower Manhattan.
Ruth Benn holds up the edge of a symbolic coffin before the beginning of Extinction Rebellion’s march in New York.
A sub-group of protestors staged a “die-in” as the rest of the march proceeded north to Washington Square Park.

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