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Apple TV finally gets an official Twitch app, years after everyone else

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It looks like Twitch, but on TV

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

It’s been a good day if you have an Apple TV — Spotify has released an Apple TV app, and now, Twitch has an Apple TV app as well (via Engadget). Before today, you had to rely on third-party apps like Twitchy if you wanted to watch Twitch on your Apple TV.

Image: Apple

It looks a lot like browsing Twitch, but on a bigger screen. There’s a “Home” tab that shows games and channels you follow, as well as a “Browse” tab that has the classic grid of game and section icons organized by viewer count.

It looks like Twitch’s Apple TV app can get nice and dark — good for OLED screens.
Image: Apple

Watching a stream also appears to look a lot like watching a stream in a browser — it seems you can even chat. Typing quickly on the Apple TV’s cramped remote might be challenging, but hopefully you’ll be able to use your iPhone’s keyboard and drop some pogs in the chat.

Watching Twitch on TV isn’t exactly novel — you could already use an Amazon Fire TV device, an Xbox One, a PlayStation 4, or even just a computer hooked up to your TV to do so. But if the Apple TV is your main streaming box, the official Twitch app seems like it could be a more convenient option.