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This Juul-charging phone case will tell the world you value vaping more than anything else

This Juul-charging phone case will tell the world you value vaping more than anything else


It doubles the thickness of your phone and costs over $60

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Peer into the annals of Indiegogo and Kickstarter, and you’ll find that it is filled with weird phone case ideas. There’s that iPhone case that was actually an entire Android phone, a case that could record all of your voice calls, the one that put an E Ink screen on the back of your iPhone, and a case that served as a lint roller, to name a few.

Thankfully, wacky case ideas still live on in 2019, as is made clear by the pitch for the Duo charging case (for both iPhone and Samsung devices). The case’s back has a dedicated spot where you can store your Juul e-cigarette, and it also claims to be able to charge the device (and your phone) with its built-in 3,000mAh battery. So in theory, you should never encounter a dead Juul when you need a puff. Next to it is a spot for an emergency replacement pod for when you run out of vapor juice or want to change flavors.

I know some people who smoke Juul e-cigs, and they lug around portable battery packs just so they don’t get stranded without a charge when they want to smoke. It’s kind of embarrassing to be around. This case seems like it would solve for that issue, but it’s arguably even more embarrassing. It’s visible on your phone at all times, letting everyone in the world know that you are incredibly committed to vaping. Duo Inc., the company behind this fundraiser, shares the dimensions of the case on its product page, and at 99 grams, this case adds some heft to your phone. Not to mention, it’s 15mm thick, which is nearly twice as thick as the iPhone 11.

Duo Inc. plans to ship the case in December 2019, and early bird pricing for the case is $64 ($84 in Canada). That might seem pricey, but that price is actually 42 percent off of the planned $110 retail price, which is a steep price to pay to streamline your Juul usage to the point of never being separated from it. Once the early bird-priced option sells out, each case will cost $83.

“How can you enjoy Party Mode if your pod is out of juice?” Duo Inc. posits on its fundraising page. Its case allows you to vape 24/7, and compared to more far-flung case ideas, this one seems simple enough that it might actually ship. But given the rising number of warnings from the Food and Drug Administration about the potential safety hazards of vaping, including seizures and a deadly lung injury, look, maybe you should just quit Juul while you’re still ahead.