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Riot opened the League of Legends World Championships with a holographic hip-hop concert

Riot opened the League of Legends World Championships with a holographic hip-hop concert


True Damage takes the stage in Paris

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Photo: Adela Sznajder / ESPAT Media

Once again, a virtual music group stole the show at one of the biggest e-sports events of the year. Back in 2018 the opening ceremonies for the League of Legends World Championships featured an incredible augmented reality K-pop performance. This year, developer Riot took things a step further with a stunning concert featuring holographic performers that opened the show before Europe’s G2 took on China’s FPX.

The event, which took place in Paris, featured the debut of a brand-new in-game musical group called True Damage that was revealed earlier this year. (Some of the characters even have outfits designed by Louis Vuitton.) A large, nearly invisible screen on the stage featured holographic projections of in-game characters and other special effects alongside the real-world performers; at times, multiple versions of the performers were displayed, and it was genuinely hard to tell what was real. At one point a giant tornado tore across the stage.

The three-song performance was a stunning combination of technology and choreography. It ended with a dramatic reveal of the Summoners Cup — League’s massive championship trophy — which, naturally, was housed in a high-tech Louis Vuitton trunk.

The 2018 performance featured a similar fictional K-pop group called K/DA, and it proved to be a massive hit. The music video for the song “Pop/stars” has been viewed more than 270 million times on YouTube, and the characters inspired a deluge of fan art. The song even made it into the hit VR game Beat Saber.

It’s an increasingly busy times for League and Riot. Outside of the competitive scene for the game, League recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with a slew of announcements, including a mobile version, an animated series, a fighting game, and lots more.