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Vergecast: Microsoft’s big hardware bets this fall were a mixed bag

Vergecast: Microsoft’s big hardware bets this fall were a mixed bag


It’s a review redux

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

It’s a bonus episode of The Vergecast! Dieter Bohn sits down with Tom Warren and Dan Seifert to go over all of our reviews of Microsoft’s new Surface hardware. The Surface line changed up this year with new processors, entirely new models, and new sizes. So we have decided to go much deeper into the topics that we couldn’t fit into our reviews.

Want to know what happens when Tom uses the Surface Pro X with only ARM-native apps? What happens when Dieter buys and returns three different Surfaces in his quest to get the perfect Microsoft tablet? What happens when Dan tries to export video on a 15-inch Surface Laptop? All that and much more is in this redux of the big reviews of Microsoft’s Surface lineup for 2019.

Here are the stories mentioned and featured in this episode:

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Microsoft’s Edge Chromium browser will launch on January 15th with a new logo

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